June 9 – Happy Birthday, Piff!

Posted on June 9, 2017

Okay - you got me - his name is not really Piff.

IT-guy-turned-magician John van der Put does his magic under a stage name, Piff the Magic Dragon. 

And his act includes a charming little sidekick: a chihuahua named Mr. Piffles, who does the act dressed in a dragon costume!

But Piff is not just a magician - he's a comedian! Check him out.

One reason that Piff is funny is that he is not afraid to look silly. Like a grown man wearing a dragon costume is, all on its own, pretty funny.

Another reason that Piff is funny is that he is does and says the unexpected. And he does it with such attitude! 

(Of course, when we hear Piff the Magic Dragon, we instantly think of Puff the Magic Dragon - who is, as you may already know, very friendly and not at all scary. I'm not even sure that Puff breathes fire - I'm picturing just the occasional puff of smoke coming out of his nostrils! Puff is just the sort of dragon we might imagine would have a relative who performs card tricks.)

Here are a bunch of resources to help you learn some easy beginning magic tricks.

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