March 18 - Corn Dog Day

Posted on March 18, 2017

Apparently a bunch of different corn dog vendors claim that THEY were the ones who first invented the sausage-on-a-stick-swathed-in-a-cornmeal-covering.

I think that might be that several people invented the savory treat separately from one another, and by the time they realized that others were selling a similar product, they were each convinced that they were first!

Wherever and whenever corn dogs were FIRST invented, it was likely at a state fair in the late 1930s to 1940s. The first corn dogs may not have been sold on a stick, and the first foods sold on a stick may not have been hot dogs / corn dogs / sausages. But the combo of a battered sausage and plate-free eating made corn dogs a natural for state fair fare. 

(You may know that all manner of foods are now sold or served on sticks, from donuts on a stick for breakfast and pizza pops (mini pizzas on a stick) for lunch, to savory meatballs on a stick for dinner and chocolate-and-nut-covered frozen bananas on a stick for desert.)

(And don't even get me started on fair foods that are battered and fried - like deep-fried butter, deep-fried Kool-Aid, and deep-fried bubble gum!!!)

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