March 19 – National Quilting Day

Posted on March 19, 2016

The third Saturday of every March is a day to celebrate quilting!

A quilt is a multi-layer bed covering made from batting enclosed between two layers of fabric. The batting is kept in place from lines of stitching that go through all the layers.

Of course, the stitching is usually done in a decorative design.

Many quilts are “patchwork” quilts – made by piecing together different colors and patterns of fabric to make the finished project even more decorative.

Some quilts are designed as bed coverings or smaller “throw” blankets, and other quilts are designed to be wall hangings.

In the "olden days," quilting bees were parties in which women and older girls got together to chat and sew quilts together.

Above, a quilt showing an old-
fashioned quilting bee!

Nowadays, many people who
make quilts are individual artists. (below) 

Some quilts are just too, too gorgeous to use on beds. Here are a sample of some quilts I love:

This is a traditional quilt pattern,
and I love it.

But I love non-traditional quilts
even more!

  • Here are some how-to's on quilting with kids.
  • Here are some quilting projects for kids. 
  • Here are some ideas for quilters to enjoy the day.

Also on this date:

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