March 18, 2912 - National Flag and Anthem Day in Aruba

The Caribbean island of Aruba is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but on this date in 1948, a leader named Shon Eman presented a petition with more than 2000 signatures, asking for independence for Aruba. It took almost 30 years to win independence (called “status aparte”) through a peaceful process. Now Aruba celebrates March 18th as its national day.

There was a contest held to design Aruba's flag, and a committee chose elements repeated in many different designs – a star to represent the island, liberty, and rebirth; stripes to represent the sun's rays, and Aruba's path as it moved from being part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to “status aparte”; and a blue field to represent both the blue sky and the Caribbean Sea. This design was easy for kids to draw and color, yet symbolic of things important to Aruba, and it was easy to pick out among other flags (some flags, like Italy's and Ireland's, are a lot-a lot alike!).

The other national symbol honored today is the national anthem, “Aruba, Precious Country.” 

Do you know...?

  1. What is the official language of Aruba?
  2. Aruba is quite warm, which is not surprising, since this Caribbean island is quite close to the equator. Do you think it is humid and covered with jungles, or dry and cactus-strewn?
  3. Aruba is quite close to two other islands, Bonaire and Curacao. What is the group of the three islands called?
  4. What continent and country are closest to Aruba?

This weird tree is a Dividivi tree.


1.Dutch – and also Papiamento
2.Aruba is dry, what is called semi-arid. This is good for tourism, because tourists can count on warm, dry, sunny days, and it is also a benefit that Aruba is out of the hurricane zone.
3.The three islands are called the ABC Islands.
4.Aruba is off the coast of Venezuela, in South America.

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