March 18, 2011

Men's Day – Mongolia

After International Women's Day  on March 8, Mongolians celebrate Men's Day on March 18. This used to be just for soldiers serving in the military—for those who “defend the fatherland”—and in some lists it is still called “Men and Soldiers Day.” However, these days it is a time to honor all men.

Learn about Mongolia!

Way back when, Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire. Since that time, the landlocked country of Mongolia has been ruled over by various empires and nations, and, even when it finally became independent in 1921, it was heavily influenced by the nearby communist nations of the Soviet Union and China. Since the 1990s, however, Mongolia has become a democratic republic with a market economy.

  • Mr. Donn has a great many things to read and do to learn more about the ancient Mongol culture.  Don't miss the Kid Links here. 

  • Trek Earth has some amazing photos of Mongolia. 

  • Here and here are YouTube videos of Mongolian throat singing. It's amazing—I've really never heard anything like it before! Be sure to check out the first link—you will immediately realize that one person—you know, with just the one mouth and tongue and throat—can make more than one sound at a time! The second link is longer and talks a bit about musical instruments and musical training, as well as throat singing.

These homes are called yurts. I have a friend who lives in a yurt right here in California!
Here is a closer-up view of a yurt.

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