March 20 – World Frog Day

  Posted on March 20, 2017

You may have heard that frogs are struggling to survive. Of course, climate change can affect all living things, but frogs in particular are affected because they have jelly-like, unshelled eggs that dry out more easily than do bird and reptile eggs. Frogs are also struggling with threats from loss of habitat (people are paving or building on their land, in many cases) and deadly fungus infections.

So, for World Frog Day, you may want to remind yourself of how important frogs are in food chains and in keeping control of insects - you may want to remind yourself how cute frogs can be, and how interesting and varied frogs are - and you may even want to donate time, energy, or money to organizations that are trying to help frogs survive. (Frogs Are Green is one!)

Why are frogs important?

Frogs are right in the middle of many food chains. Most eat insects - some of which spread disease or eat our crops - and frogs are an important source of food for some snakes, birds, and other larger creatures.

Here are some super cute frogs:

And here are some bizarre frogs:

Also on this date:

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