March 2 – World Book Day in the U.K. and Ireland

Posted on March 2, 2017

Today is Dr. Seuss Day (the anniversary of the beloved author's birth -- see link below, under "Also on this date"), NEA Read Across America Day (a reading motivation day celebrated in many schools and libraries) -- and it is also World Book Day!

The website for this special day indicates that some other countries celebrate World Book Day in April (which is International Children's Book Day, celebrated on Hans Christian Anderson's birthday!). It goes on to say that the date that the United Kingdom and Ireland celebrate World Book Day (today, March 2) was chosen after careful consideration of religious holidays and school terms and such.

I figure, let's celebrate books as often as we can!

Even if you aren't in the U.K./Ireland, you can use the ideas on the World Book Day website as inspiration for your own Read Across America Day or your own private World Book Day celebration.

I'm going to celebrate by sharing a few new favorites:

Roller Coaster, by Marla Frazee

Pop! Sizzle! Boom!: 101 Science Experiments for the Mad Scientist in Every Kid, by Amy Oyler

(Note - I haven't read this book, as it is only available for pre-order, but I have watched this hyper-enthusiastic "Scientific Mom" trying out the experiments and writing it, so I already love it!)

Do you have a great place to keep books? And a great place to read books?

Can you have too many books?

The answer is "YES!" You can have more books than
fit into your apartment or house, for sure.
(But the above is, of course, a sculpture made out of
books, not a book disaster!)

Also on this date:

Peasants' Day in Myanmar

Plan ahead:

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