June 19 – Happy Birthday, Maginel Wright Enright

Posted on June 19, 2016

A fairly famous family:

Maginel Wright, born in Massachusetts on this date in 1881, grew up to be a children's book illustrator and a graphic artist, called by some one of the very best artists for children.

Her brother, Frank Lloyd Wright, grew up to be a renowned architect.

Maginel married another artist named Pat Enright, and her daughter from that marriage was Elizabeth Enright, who also became a children's book illustrator—and also a writer. Elizabeth Enright won the prestigious Newbery Medal.

Maginel Wright Enright illustrated books by such well known authors as L. Frank Baum (famous for his Oz books), and she illustrated now-classic books such as Heidi and Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates. In all, she illustrated 63 children's books. She also illustrated textbooks; her daughter credits her with revolutionizing textbook illustration.

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