June 21 – Celebrating New Hampshire!

Posted on June 21, 2016

Today we turn to the 9th state of the United States, which was admitted to the Union on this date in 1788.

A mountain pass is
sometimes called a gap,
 saddle, col, or (of
course) notch.
The big things I remember from my visit to “the Granite State” are the mountains and the “notches.” ("Notch" is New-Hampshirian for “mountain pass.”)

We didn't get to see the “Old Man of the Mountain,” because the jagged ledges that made up the famous profile collapsed in a sudden rockfall in 2003.

This is what I saw (above).

The image below shows two photos superimposed on
one another: the site of the "Old Man of the Mountain"
before and after the rockfall.

The highest mountain in the state is Mount Washington (below). Part of the Appalachian Mountains, this and other NH mountains (several of which are also named for presidents) are popular with hikers and gliders, but the weather can be very erratic and even dangerous. New Hampshire mountains in general offer skiing, snowmobiling and other winter sports as well as hiking and climbing activities.

Other beautiful spots:
White Mountains (above)
King Ravine in winter (above) and summer (below) 

Odiorne Point State Park (above)
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge (above and below)

The Ramparts at Carter Notch (above)

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