April 8 – National All Is Ours Day

Posted on April 8, 2015

 I wondered as I read this “holiday” name.

I was nervous that it was going to mean something I wasn't too crazy about, like:
All of the Earth and its resources are OURS (all for humans).
I was ready to say, no, no they're not. We have to be mindful of other creatures and of future generations.

But actually it is a holiday devoted to appreciating sharing all that we have, especially to those things that are free for all, like all the beauty in nature.

I can certainly get behind that!

So go outside, if you can, and spot some bits of natural beauty wherever you can. Plan an outing to a particularly beautiful local spot, and maybe even plan a trip to a beautiful spot that is farther away!

Remember that perfectly ordinary
sights can be amazingly beautiful.
Beautiful nature is soothing to us, fulfills us, inspires us, cheers us. What is your favorite sort of natural beauty? What grand, sweeping bit of nature seems most numinous? What teeny, often-overlooked bit of nature tickles your fancy?

Here are some of mine:

My favorite favorite "flavor" of natural beauty
is Alpine scenery, especially summer in high
mountains. Wildflowers and bright sun with
snow-capped mountains - what's not to love?
Of course, the sky is an endless source of
beauty - whether it is amazing glimpses
of far-away stars, galaxies, and nebulae,
or the Earthly beauties of bright-blue skies,
wispy or billowing clouds, or bright sunsets.

Some of the most beautiful places I've ever been are three national parks
in Alberta, Canada, which are right next to each other for sightseeing
convenience!! - The photo above is one of the lakes that took my breath
away in Jasper National Park.
This is my own photo of an amazing spot in Yoho National Park.

And I took this photo of my husband at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.
Another of my favorite "flavors" of natural beauty
is rockscapes. Above is one of the most
amazing spots at one of the most amazing caves
I've ever visited, Kartchner Caverns in Arizona.
And if I really, really, really had to choose
THE #1 top most beautiful spot I've ever
been, I think I would have to say Antelope
Canyon - the slot canyons - in Arizona.
Here are some places I have seen in photos but never visited - and, man, would they be amazing to see live, in person!
Chongqing Women on the Yangtze River
Pools and waterfalls in Croatia, thanks to karst landscape

A frozen waterfall

James Balog's beautiful icescapes in "Chasing Ice"

"The Wave" at the Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona and Utah

The Northern Lights

Earth from the space station

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