April 19 – National Hanging Out Day

Posted on April 19, 2015

Did you know that the average American uses more energy running a clothes drier in a year than the average African uses in a year for ALL of his or her energy needs? 


In the U.S., 6 to 10% of residential energy use goes toward running clothes driers! So Project Laundry List asks us to take a day to consider using clotheslines and drying racks instead of relying on clothes driers for all our laundry needs.

This sight used to be normal in the U.S. -
and still is in other nations!
People who love hanging laundry point out that they save more than $100 a year in energy bills. They claim that hanging laundry is a weekly chance to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and birds chirping. They claim that their clothing feels and smells better – and it's certainly true that clothing hung out to dry lasts longer than clothing that is heated and tumbled every time it is worn. (The truth is in your lint trap – that lint is the evidence that your clothes are slowly disintegrating!)

Today, some people will be fighting against city laws against clotheslines, and some people will wear T-shirts or pass out fliers to convince the rest of us to “Hang your pants, Stop the nuke plants.”

Artist Kaarina Kaikkonen does
clothesline-inspired art installations!
Aren't they cool?
I ESPECIALLY love the one below!

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