March 28 – Something on a Stick Day

Posted on March 28, 2015

Sometimes I think, “Well, now I've heard EVERYTHING!”

Then a new day dawns, and I hear something else that makes me think, “Okay, I guess I was wrong yesterday, because NOW I've heard everything!!!”

But I suppose there are endless wacky ideas that people will come up with, including endless wacky holidays that people actually do celebrate! 

And today it's Something on a Stick Day

The idea is, get a stick (a lot of people apparently use popsicle sticks), put something on it, and send the photo in to the Something on a Stick website I linked to above. And, guys, you have to check out the gallery! I personally love the stick on a stick!

Of course, a lot of celebration of the day could focus on foods on a stick. Fruity icy treats and creamy frozen treats often come on sticks, of course! There are all those shish-kabobs of juicy meats or savory veggies on the grill...yum! And skewers of fresh, chilled fruit are a great desert – unless you want to go to the trouble to make toasted marshmallows, which of course are a hotter form of delicious! You can eat lollipops, frozen bananas, corn dogs...Hey! A lot of food comes on a stick!

Mmm...pancake pops!

  • But I think it is a great day to create stick puppets, stick horses, or a cat-toy-on-a-stick!

  • Or create a safe-for-your-phone Selfie Stick.
  • How about learning to pogo-stick?

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