March 6 – Happy Birthday, Will Eisner

Posted on March 6, 2015

How would you like to celebrate graphic novels?

And sequential art (art that uses images in order to tell a story)?

And freedom of speech?

Well, then, you're in luck, because celebrating cartoonist and writer Will Eisner, and his legacy, celebrates all of the above.

Born on this date in 1917, Will Eisner became one of the earlier cartoonists to work in the American comic book industry. He was one of the innovators—one of the guys who played around with comics and cartoons, who experimented, who pushed comics into new topics and new forms.

Part of that innovation was Eisner's graphic novel A Contract with God. Eisner also contributed to a scholarly study of comics.

Actually, Eisner was so important in the history of cartooning and comics, Eisner Awards the Comic Book Hall of Fame are named for him! 

  • To watch artists draw comics, check out BuzzFeed's article.

  • Here is Stan Lee's video on how to draw comics "the Marvel way."

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