July 6 – Hop a Park Day

Posted on July 6, 2013

Some city and town parks in the U.S. put on special events on this day—check out yours to see if your community does.

Even if your local parks aren't hosting events, you can still go enjoy a lovely Saturday at the park! We are encouraged to use and support our local parks—which means of course leaving it as nice (or nicer) than we found it.

This would be a perfect day to do a park clean-up.

I think it would be fun to travel to every single one of your local parks (hop, hop, hop) today. Take at least one photo per park, and write notes to yourself so your remember which one has that great climbing structure you didn't know about, say, and which has tennis courts.

One thing my family realized recently is that several of our city parks are connected by “wilderness” trails. We discovered this feature by accident when we saw a small sign at the back side of one of our parks. Now I am a lot more alert to try to read every sign at a park, in case we have been missing other “gems” like these pretty get-away-from-the-city trails!

Celebrate your parks by mixing it up...

If you normally use a park just to play baseball, see what you've been missing in other corners of the park.

Have you ever tried a “par course” or fitness trail at a park? It can be a lot of fun to try each exercise station!

Check geocaching websites to see if there are any caches to discover in your parks. If not...consider making one! 

Here are more ideas.

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