July 11 – Happy Birthday, E. B. White!

Posted on July 11, 2013

This is the guy who wrote Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little.

This is also the guy who created a famous, often-used grammar book!

Today's birthday honoree is named Elwyn Brooks White, but all his books give his name as E. B. White. His grammar book is The Elements of Style, but most people call it “Strunk and White” (he was a co-author with some fellow named William Strunk). I never knew it was the same “White” as the beloved children's author until today!

Apparently White really didn't like fame and publicity. He was a quiet man, and James Thurber said that White avoided interviewers and reporters by going out the fire escape of the building where he worked. I am wondering why nobody ever thought to stake out that fire escape! White didn't do readings from his books, he didn't attend literary teas, and he was so successful at avoiding publicity, he wasn't recognized by his many admirers.

Although Charlotte's Web has been named the favorite children's book of all time on several lists, and Stuart Little remains one of kids' and librarians' favorites as well, I haven't heard much about White's third children's book, The Trumpet of the Swan. It has won some awards—so today would be a great day to check it out!!

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