July 2 – Ommegang Pageant in Belgium

Posted on July 2, 2013

Who doesn't love a colorful parade complete with medieval costumes and richly decorated horses, with representatives of crafts and crossbow warriors, with the glitz of royalty from days passed?

Especially when there is a grand spectacle with 1400 performers afterwards!

And a medieval village and market to browse! With knight-vs.-knight combat and falconry!

This pageant is a reenactment of a procession held in 1549 for Charles V and his family. The procession is free for all to watch—and is well attended by Belgians and visitors!—but seats are limited to 3,000 for the spectacle at the Grand Palace, and the audience must purchase tickets to watch it.

Here is a taste of Brussels, Belgium. 

Here is a gallery of pictures of the Ommegang Pageant. 

And here is a video on the sport of falconry. 

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