July 4 – Boom Box Parade Day in Willimantic, CT

Posted on July 4, 2013

A whole lot of homemade floats, each with a boom box tuned to WILI-AM radio. The townspeople lining the streets. And ka-boom, easy as that, a charming tradition is born!

Way back in 1986, the people of Windham / Willimantic, CT, couldn't find a marching band to appear in their Memorial Day Parade. They couldn't let that happen to their Independence Day Parade, could they?

One family suggested that everyone participating in the parade could bring a boom box, and the local radio station could play parade-appropriate music. This worked out so well that locals decided not to even try to lure marching bands to their parade. Instead, they offered the world the one and only Boom Box Parade. To this date, it is the largest parade without a live band!

Not all parades are patriotic!

Many parades, especially during a national holiday, are heavy on the flag-waving, and many feature military personnel and even tanks! In the U.S., there is a whole lot of red-white-and-blue; other nations tend to feature their own patriotic colors, such as orange for the Netherlands, or yellow-and-blue for Sweden.

But not all parades are nationalistic. I've talked about the Rose Parade, a St. Patrick's Day parade, the Junkanoo Parade, the Battle of Flowers parade. I've mentioned amazing, flamboyant parades for Mardi Gras and Carnival and parades with giant puppets for St. Joseph's Day.

Here are some more: 
Did you know that there is an annual mermaid parade in Coney Island, NYC? 

A Lobsterdog parade in L.A.? 

And a Car Art Parade in Houston, Texas? 

There are lots more weird and wonderful parades in the world. If there are none in your town, start a tradition!

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