July 12 – Happy Birthday, Kristi Yamaguchi!

Posted on July 12, 2013

She won Olympic Gold for the US in one of the most popular events of the Winter Olympics: women's figure skating. Of course, she also won some other titles, including World Figure Skating Champion and U.S. Figure Skating Champion!

Oh! And, does becoming the winner of the TV show Dancing with the Stars count?

Born in California in 1971, Kristi Yamaguchi is a third-generation American whose grandparents and great-grandparents immigrated from Japan. She was born with club feet, so naturally she became a skater!

Actually, it is perhaps surprising that a girl with club feet had such an amazing skating career, but Yamaguchi's mom put her in ballet and skating lessons as physical therapy for the problem, so it was at least a tiny factor in her success!
Here is Yamaguchi's Olympic performance. 

Learn more about figure skating at Kidz World

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