June 21 – Take Your Dog to Work Day

Posted June 21, 2013

I can't believe that this holiday exists, since I'm pretty sure it's illegal to take a pet to many workplaces, such as restaurants and hospitals (unless of course it's a service animal). But apparently every year thousands of people have been taking their dogs to work on Pet Sitters International's Take Your Dog to Work Day. And—get this!—it's been going on for 15 years!

People are encouraged to ask their bosses about allowing and promoting this day. The day is all about fun and human-canine connection. Also, Pet Sitters International uses the holiday to encourage people to adopt pets.

Some companies have a dog photo contest or a dog-owner lookalike contest. Some have a pet fair, and others have a dog show focusing on dog tricks (award for the “Top Dog”) or on costumes (award for the “Best Dressed Canine”). Some companies have a special luncheon with lots of dog treats.

By the way, this is a worldwide event. It began in the United Kingdom (Britain) in 1996 and came to the United States in 1999. It has spread to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and hopefully other nations.

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