June 27 – Mathematics Gains a Logician

Posted June 27, 2013

Today is NOT Augustus Caesar's birthday AND Augustus DeMorgan's birthday.

What do you think that means?

Does it mean:
  1. it may be either Caesar's birthday or DeMorgan's birthday, but it is definitely not the birthday of both these guys...
  2. it is definitely neither guy's birthday...

Well, according to the rules of logic created by DeMorgan, it means #1. Augustus Caesar was born in September, and Augustus DeMorgan was born on this date in 1806. He was born in India to British parents.

Here are DeMorgan's laws:


This sort of logic may seem unimportant. You don't use this stuff to figure out a budget that will allow you to save up for a Settlers of Catan expansion pack, or to fill out a Girl Scout Cookie form, or to figure out how much fabric you will need to create capes for the Justice League of America. But this kind of logic is actually really important to all of us, every day, because it is used in computers. Our digital circuits have AND, OR, and NOT “gates” that computer programmers manipulate as they create new apps and games.

Find out more about digital logic gates in I Programmer

Find out more about AND and OR in Boolean searches here. Check out this other video if you are curious about NOT (or if you happen to like pirates, ninjas, and cephalopods). 

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