June 21, 2011 - National Aboriginal Day

– Canada
Ojibwa girls in jingle dresses

Today is the first day of the 11-days of Celebrate Canada, which end on July 1, Canada Day. Events tend to flock to the weekends, so a few days ago, for example, there was an Aboriginal Arts Festival in Ottawa, and a few days from now there will be a traditional Pow Wow in Toronto and a festival in St. Albert, Alberta. Today there will be local parades and dancing and opportunities to learn about and enjoy Aboriginal cultures. Check out this short video.

Inuit art
Innu flag
The Aboriginal peoples of Canada include Inuit, Metis, and about 630 First Nations, including Odanak, Ouje Bougounou Cree, Innu, and Temegama Ojibwa.

Kids' Stop is billed as a fun zone for kids with lots of info about Aboriginal history, language, games, and stories. 
Inuit moms

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