April 7, 2012 - International Pillow Fight Day

Today's the day to travel to the nearest giant pillow fight, if you can. The official website has details on many different pillow fights planned around the world, plus pictures of pillow fights of years past.

Of course, if you can't join a huge fight, you can always host your own small-scale pillow fight. Take pictures and share the fun!

In a different vein...
Today is also International Beaver Day!

Beavers don't fight with pillows, but they do build awesome dams! These large rodents actually help the environment (without knowing or meaning to) by restoring wetlands, which are typical very diverse and lively habitats.

Sadly, in the U.S., there is only 10% or less of the beaver population from the time that Columbus arrived in the Americas. The beaver populations in Europe and Asia are even more depleted. In the past, beaver fur was very popular for clothing and especially top hats, and trapping killed so many beaver that the species became endangered. With the beaver populations so depleted, there were of course far few beaver dams, and the majority of wetlands drained. According to “Beavers: Wetlands and Wildlife,” “Rivers became more like canals or sewers, leading to today's problems with water pollution, erosion, and escalating damage from regional floods and droughts.” Check out the website and notice the free DVD offer.

By the way, you might be wondering why today is International Beaver Day. It is because today is the birthday of “Beaver Woman” Dorothy Richards, who started Beaversprite, a nonprofit organization to help beaver populations recover.

Celebrate Beavers!

National Geographic Kids has a page about beavers and a silly game called Beaver Badminton

DLTK has beaver-themed crafts. 

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