April 3, 2012 - World Party Day

The opposite of war is not peace.

Peace is sort of passive. It's not action; it's inaction.

So the opposite of war is PARTY!”

So goes the thinking of World Party Day. 

Some people have been making efforts to get people to throw “synchronous parties” around the globe every April 3. It isn't so easy to manage—people have jobs, school, responsibilities... and we don't all experience April 3 at the same time, either! The first nations to experience the day are some Pacific islands such as Kiribati, then April 3 sweeps over New Zealand and Australia and then on around the world.

Still, people are encouraged to bust out the singing and dancing and music, the fireworks, some huge feasts and major parties today! And we are urged to think about people around the world doing the same—all in the name of cooperation and peaceful coexistence!

I think that one of the cool things about World Party Day is that the idea was taken from a fictional book: Flight, A Quantum Fiction Novel, by Vanna Bonta. Fans of the book coordinated with each other via the internet, starting in 1996, to nurture the idea and create the holiday in reality.

Also on this date:


Plan ahead for International Pillow Fight Day on Saturday, April 7! 

There's a huge pillow fight near me. Maybe there will be one near you, too! Check it out here

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