July 31 – Upswing of the Revolution in the Republic of the Congo

Posted on July 31, 2016

Once upon a time, France ruled a chunk right in the center of Africa. During World War II, when France was being ruled by Nazi invaders, the city of Brazzaville, in what was then called Middle Congo, became the symbolic capital of Free France. After the war, Middle Congo benefitted from its central location in the France's African territories, and it slowly gained more and more self-rule. In 1960 it became an independent nation with the name the Republic of the Congo.

Since then, there have been uprisings and coups, the nation has had elected governments and military-established governments, and there was a period of time when the nation was a communist one-party state. In all of that, I'm not sure WHEN the upswing in today's holiday, Upswing of the Revolution, occurred.

Note: Do not get the Republic of the Congo mixed up with its larger neighbor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The former is way more stable and prosperous than the latter!

The Republic of the Congo (sometimes called just Congo
or Congo - Brazzaville) is in dark blue in the map above.

Below, the Republic of the Congo appears in coral, to the
west of the much larger Democratic Republic of the
Congo, in yellow.

Here are some of the things that make the Republic of Congo special:

Many Congolese are loyal soccer fans; its the nation's most popular sport.

Of course the gorillas are special – and especially humanlike, don't you think?

The mighty Congo River is one of the largest in the world – and it has some very nice waterfalls!

And of course, natural beauty abounds in the Republic of Congo as much as anywhere else!

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