March 29, 2013 - National Mom & Pop Business Owners' Day

It can be a strange feeling to leave my familiar hometown, with the local shopping center featuring stores such as Target and Michaels and Walgreens, and restaurants such as Mimi's Cafe and Starbucks and Carl's Junior....only to find the same chain stores (Target – Michaels – Walgreens - Mimi's – Starbucks – Carl's - Target – Michaels – Walgreens - Mimi's – Starbucks – Carl's) repeated over and over and over and over—and over again—all across the country! 

Chain stores and restaurants are not entirely bad—I remember being glad to pop into a Staples in another state, because I was sure they'd have what I needed (and I was right), and familiarity can bring comfort. But it's not entirely good, either.

It's nice to go into a store and a restaurant NOT knowing exactly what you're going to see.

It's nice when someone can open a store or restaurant or other business and offer something original, unique to that location.

It's something we should support!

Today is the day to find entrepreneurs (people who open and operate their own businesses) who are married couples running a shop, restaurant, or other business and, if you can, support that business. Eat at a non-chain restaurant, Find an independent bookstore. Can you find a mom-and-pop candy store, bakery, or produce mart?

Get out there and shop—at a mom & pop shop, that is! 

Learn about entrepreneurship.
  • Here are 10 steps to help kids learn the skills needed by entrepreneurs. 

  • Here is another article about kids and entrepreneurship. Notice the list of kid-friendly start-ups at the bottom of the article.  

Did you ever see the movie about Caine's Arcade? Now that kid is an engineer as well as an entrepreneur! 

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  1. Hear hear! Mom and pop stores really deserve a salute. They continually give us the quickest service and the necessary goods without being all mechanical and antiseptic. Purchases and shopping are both cultural things and social activities. We should always uphold those aspects by finding ways of integrating the establishments with grassroots workings of communities. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Sheldon Ward @ Brett Halvorson & Associates