September 4 – Happy Birthday, David Garrett

Posted on September 4, 2017

I noticed that today's famous birthday, David Garrett, who was born in Germany on this date in 1980, is called a crossover violinist. 

And what, exactly, makes a musician a "crossover" violinist?

In the United States, especially, a crossover musician is someone who appeals to different audiences. David Garrett plays classical music but also pop music. His records and concerts are enjoyed by a wide variety of people - not just those who love violin concertos, but also people who love a good Michael Jackson song or a rocking Metallica tune.

Garrett's birth name is David Bongartz; Garrett is the maiden name of his American mother, who was a prima ballerina. Garrett became interested in violin really early. It was his older brother's violin, not his - he was only 4 years old! - but he was already winning competitions at age 5 and studying the violin in a conservatory at age 7. 

So I guess that made him a prodigy!

Here are some more early achievements:

Age 9 - debuted at the Festival Kissinger Sommer
Age 11 - received a Stradivarius violin from the German president
Age 12 - traveled all over Europe to work with violinist Ida Haendel
Age 13 - recorded CDs, appeared on TV, gave a concert for the president, youngest soloist to sign an exclusive contract with a classical music label
Age 16 - played with the Munich orchestra
Age 17 - enrolled at the Royal College of Music in London
Age 19 - enrolled in Juilliard School in NYC
Age 23 - won a composition competition at Juilliard, studied under famed violinist Itzhak Perlman

Check out some of Garrett's performances:


Also on this date:

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