September 12 – Ants on a Log Day

(Second Tuesday in September)
Posted on September 12, 2017

There's a holiday for a cutesy children's snack?

Well, why not? If there can be a Cheeseburger Day and a Gumdrop Day (just to name two of hundreds of food days), why not a special day for a food that has been popular AND HEALTHY for more than half a century?

Ants on a Log is traditionally made by spreading peanut butter on a washed, trimmed celery stalk and then placing several raisins on top.

But some people prefer cream cheese instead of peanut butter. And some vary the "ants" by using golden raisins:

For an earlier Ants on a Log holiday, more variations were thought up and tried. Check it out:

There are loads of other cutesy snacks and foods kids love to eat. Check out this Pinterest page for a bunch of ideas. 

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