September 4, 2010

Civil Servant's Day – Venezuela

A “civil servant” is someone who works for the government. Often, governments choose workers based on competitive tests.

Venezuela is a country at the “top” (north) portion of South America. Since 1998 this country has been led by a controversial president, Hugo Chavez. Chavez is criticized by some for his socialist views, his criticism of the United States, and for alleged human rights violations such as arresting journalists who criticize him. However, he has earned praise from some people for improving life for poor and indigenous people and for improving women's rights, health care, and more.

At any rate, Chavez has been popular with the majority of his country's population and influential in South America and the world.

Geography of Venezuela

Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world, is located in this country. At 979 meters (or 3,212 feet), much of the water evaporates or blows away as mist before reaching the bottom.

Although the country is located in the tropics, near the equator, it has high lands that can be very cold—it even has glaciers!

Venezuela is located along the Caribbean Sea and has gorgeous beaches, lagoons, and tropical islands.

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