July 9 – Sao Paulo State Day in Brazil

Posted on July 9, 2017

Did you know that Brazil is made up of 26 states? The richest of them, Sao Paulo, is the manufacturing center of Brazil and is responsible for more than a third of the nation's Gross Domestic Product. This state is, all by itself, richer than the South American nations of Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay combined. (However, you should note that Argentina and Uruguay may be richer per person, which is important!) 

The state of Sao Paulo is also the most populous state of Brazil - although it is the 12th largest in size.

The capital city of the state of Sao Paulo is Sao Paulo. Eeesh, I really am not crazy about cities and their states sharing a name. It's confusing, like a father and son sharing a name - David Scott King, Sr., and David Scott King, Jr. I mean, we couldn't be more confusing if we tried! Lots of names out there, folks!

Here are some pictures of Sao Paulo, the city...

Note that it is largest by population, not by area.

...and of Sao Paulo, the state...


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