July 9 – Independence Day in South Sudan

Posted on July 9, 2015

Today is the birthday of the youngest nation on Earth. On this date just four years ago (2011), it became independent of Sudan.

Unfortunately, it is also considered the most “fragile” nation in the world. There used to be a list called “Failed States”; now the same list has been renamed “Fragile States.” This is a list of nations facing civil war (war between factions or regions within a single country) or such difficult conditions (like drought and outbreaks of infectious diseases) that the country seems to be in danger of falling apart. You don't even want your country to be ON this list, let alone at the top – but that's where the Republic of South Sudan appears!

Here are some of the less-depressing things about South Sudan:

  • This nation has one of the world's largest wetlands (roughly the size on England).
  • Alek Wek is from Wau, South Sudan. She went to London at age 14 and is now a model and fashion designer!
  • Emmanuel Jal was a former child soldier who has become a musician, an actor, and a political activist.
  • South Sudan also has the largest “most intact” savannah ecosystem.
Some of the many large animals that live in the
savannah ecosystem include elephants (top), giraffes
(middle), and white-eared kob (bottom).

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