July 25 – Republic Day in Tunisia

Posted on July 25, 2017

On this date in 1957, a monarchy that had existed in Tunisia for not even quite a year and a half was declared ended. Instead, Tunisia was declared a republic.

For decades, France had ruled over Tunisia, and when it was granting independence in 1956, French officials set up Tunisia as a constitutional monarchy. There was a king (the Bey of Tunis), a parliament, and a Prime Minister (nationalist leader Habib Bourguiba).

The king was suspected to be too pro-France and was therefore not very popular; once the beylical office (the monarchy) was ended, and Tunisia was declared a republic, Bourguiba became the new republic's first president.

At the time, democracy wasn't flourishing in Tunisia, because it was a one-party system. In other words, there were elections, but there wasn't really a free choice of candidates. But now Tunisia is considered the only full democracy in the Arab World. 

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Tunisia borders on the Mediterranean Sea.

Although the nation is 98%Muslim, there are Jewish and Christian Tunisians, too.

Tunisia has a lot of amazing historical sights to enjoy...
....including some wonderful Roman ruins.

From ancient to modern times, much of Tunisia's architecture is striking!

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