July 9 – Happy Birthday, Nicolaas Govert de Bruijn

Posted on July 9, 2016
Mathematical analysis.

Number theory.



These are the fields in which mathematician Nicolaas Govert de Bruijn (born in the Netherlands on this date in 1918) worked and made important contributions.

Do you know how these various fields are used? 

Analysis is the branch of math that studies continuous change. It can be used in physics and engineering; for example, it can be used to process signals such as radio waves or images.

Here is a Pinterest board with links to tons of analysis activities for kids.  

Number theory is a branch of pure mathematics. It studies integers – positive and negative numbers that are not fractional – numbers like 55, -13, and 1,892,282. Things like prime numbers are included in number theory.

Here are some number theory games for kids.

Combinatorics is, as you might imagine, the study of combinations of objects that belong to a certain set. It's basically all about counting, but it also can involve mathematical “structures” such as graphs or necklace problems.

Check out this unit on combinatorics...for kids!

Logic is the study of the form of arguments. It discovers which arguments are valid and which are “fallacies” (false) or paradoxes (self-contradictory).

How about logic in six kid-friendly animations? Here you go!

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