March 2, 2011

 Peasants' Day – Myanmar (Burma)

The majority of people in this Southeast Asian nation are farmers, or “peasants.” On this day, public buildings and companies are shut down, and workers can stay home with their families or go out and enjoy parks or trade shows. There are many meetings to discuss the needs of the peasants and to hammer out development programs to meet those needs.

That sounds good, but apparently the nation has struggled with poverty and inadequate infrastructure (roads, bridges, water and power companies, schools, hospitals), especially since the military took over the government in the 1960s. The military violently suppresses protests against economic mis-management, actively works to prevent democracy, and violates human rights. With all that going on, a single day supposedly honoring the workers seems a bit ridiculous.

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Read about some “kids of Burma.”  Note that each of these kids now live in Thailand because their parents do not wish them to live without freedoms and rights.

See some great photos of Burma
I especially like the Zedis along the path  and the view from a hot-air balloon over Bagan.  And check out the “golden rock.” 


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