January 8 – Joy Germ Day

Posted on January 8, 2017

This holiday sounds a little crazy to me. I mean, Joy Germ? What-oh-what is that?

It turns out to be a very nice idea -- that joy and happiness and laughter, like illness, is contagious! These positive things can spread from person to person.

We are encouraged, today (and every day) to spread the joy bug by doing simple things like smiling more, greeting people happily, just being nice. We can spread the joy bug by taking some time to call friends or relatives who are living in new places, or going through deaths or divorces of loved ones -- people who might be lonely or struggling. We can spread the joy bug by visiting strangers at an old folk's home or volunteering at a soup kitchen or making and refurbishing toys for a homeless shelter.

How else can we spread joy germs?

The woman who started this holiday in 1981, Joan White of Syracuse, New York, created a seasonal newsletter called Infectionately Yours and created cards that said things like, "May a giant jar of jaunty joy germs rest gently on you and yours!"

Here's another idea: Do what brings YOU joy, and then see if you can spread that joy to others. Blow bubbles, the bigger the better. Then take your bubble-blowing to an outdoor public spot and spread the joy! Dance! Play in the snow! 

Also, as long as you aren't spreading germ-germs (in other words, don't do this if you are sick!), it might be easier to spread joy through human touch. Don't just visit your great-grandma, give her a hug! 

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