January 8, 2013 - Bubble Bath Day

Of course the main “event” of the day could be a relaxing soak in a warm bubble bath, but surely we can riff on the bubble theme in some other ways, as well.

Define bubble bath...

First off, I'd like to explain that when I hear the term “bubble bath,” I instantly and only think of a warm, soapy, foamy bath full of soap bubbles. There are lots of products that you can put into your bath water to give you this sort of experience.

But some people mean air bubbles in the water—as in a jacuzzi. In a normal (non-jacuzzi) bathtub, you can get this sort of bubble bath using bath “fizzies” or “bath bombs.”

Let's go with soap bubbles...

One of the things kids love to do outside in summer is blow bubbles. But blowing bubbles in a bubble bath is a fun winter version. Get out your commercially purchased bubble solution and wand and blow! Or make your own with one of the recipes found here or here

Learn how to blow bubbles within bubbles here. (Go to screen 6 of 8.) 

A bubble bath is a perfect situation to experiment with making bubbles with your hands. Science Kids gives some tips (scroll down). 

Other bubbles...

Try this lava-lamp bubble experiment. (Go to screen 7 of 8.)

Have a bubble-blowing contest using bubble gum.

Put a drop each of several different colors of food color in very shallow amount of milk in a large baking dish. Using a drinking straw to blow bubbles into the colored milk.

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