January 15 – World Snow Day

Posted on January 15, 2017

Snow Day? Honestly, what could be more appropriate right now, after so much snow falling so far this year. Mammoth, CA, has more snow than any other ski resort in the country - and, believe me, it isn't always that way! Boise, ID, has had almost 30 inches in the past month or so - the most snow there since 1892! And Portland, OR, is digging out from a historic snowstorm that paralyzed the city.

Above, Portland State University, Oregon.
Below, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

But World Snow Day is all about winter sports, and getting kids interested in winter sports. Put on by the International Ski Federation (FIS), it's al about:

Explore - a chance to discover something new
Enjoy - a time to have fun in and on the snow
Experience - a way to generate memories and inspiration to continue to enjoy the snow

To that end, there are some special events - like free ski lessons throughout Poland today!

An event nearer to me, in Sky Tavern in Nevada, is the launch of a Junior Ski Program. There will be a snow castle competition!

Of course, some of the big-time favorite activities in the snow don't take a lot of organizing, or even adult help! They include...

...making snow angels...

...making a snow fort...
...having a snowball fight...
...making a snowman -- or, let's be creative!
How about a snowman with his dog?
Or how about some snow cats? 

Here are a few other easy snow-art activities:

  • Decorate a rough wall!

  • Decorate mailboxes!

  • Colorize your snow sculptures with squeezy condiment bottles full of food coloring and water.

  • Or...is it possible to shovel away some of the snow and to create art with the dark lines thus created?

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