January 6 – National Technology Day

Posted on January 6, 2017

I've read many articles about how technology is ruining our lives and society and especially (much hand-wringing here) our kids.

I've also read many articles about how technology is making our lives and society and even our kids better and/or smarter.

There are good points to be made about the harms AND the benefits of technology, and today might be a great day to think about and discuss tech's impact on us all...

Good? Or bad?

First, we must remember that almost all technology could be used for good OR for evil. It all depends on the humans using the technology.

In this "Pure Genius" moment,
a 3-D printer creates individualized
hearts for a heart surgeon to practice
a tricky surgery on...
In the fictional TV show Pure Genius, really high-tech, cutting-edge surgical robots, computer-designed medicines, and other doctor stuff is used to help heal people and save lives. I can certainly imagine some of that technology being used only for the very rich, and I can even imagine it being used to control or kill people instead of to help and save people -- but, in this TV show at least, the fictional characters are passionate about their patients and dedicated to helping everyone.

Social media can be super warm and feel-good-y, connecting people across the globe, but it can also be cold and judge-y, and it can give big-time powers to bullies and would-be dictators. It's up to us to make sure that social media environments stay safe and sane!

Too much?

One thing that can be hard to achieve is balance -- balance between physical activity and more sedentary times, balance between practical chores and errands and more creative outlets, balance between time outdoors and time indoors, balance between time with others and time alone. 

Finding a good balance has never been easy, and "right now" is no exception.

But I think it's safe to say that using technology in moderation is a good idea. It's safe to say that it's a good thing to find a balance between high-tech play and old-fashioned, physical sports and games. 

Here is a super-quickie article with some balanced ideas about kids and technology. 

I personally cannot wait to see what happens with augmented reality and virtual reality and robotics!

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