February 24 – Inconvenience Yourself Day

Posted on February 24, 2016

Today is a great day to observe the fact that, sometimes, people seem to act as if their schedules are more important than anyone else's...

...that their time, their money, their family, their hopes and dreams, their lives matter more than others'.

And when you've noticed other people inconveniencing you so that their own life is a little easier, take the time to consider if you ever do the same thing.

Wouldn't life be just a little nicer if we all acknowledged that everyone else cares about their own time, money, friends, families, and dreams just as much as we care about ours?

The idea of Inconvenience Yourself Day is that we can all look for ways to spend a teeny bit of our own time or money on others. If we inconvenience ourselves a wee bit, here and there, in an effort to make life better for others – and if others did the same – the world would indeed be a better place.

The Inconvenience Yourself website offers some stories about kids helping others. Check it out!

You can also participate in the 2016 Inconvenience Yourself Contest by “liking” one of the stories about kids helping others on the InconvenienceYourself Facebook page. Or you can enter the contest by posting a good deed and hoping for some likes from others!

Of course, it's best to do a good deed to bring a smile to another, to lighten someone's load, to make someone a bit happier...not to win a contest. But holding a contest can draw attention to the good deeds many of us do without any thought of recognition or reward. And realizing that many people are out there doing good in the world encourages all of us to do that, too.

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