February 3 – National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Posted on February 3, 2016

Today is the 30th annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

Check out the official website for events and resources. 

Of course, playing sports can have a ton of benefits. Sports can provide great, regular physical exercise and increased fitness. They also provide a chance to de-stress and blow off steam. Sports, like all physical exercise, also help provide a good mood and promote learning and other mental processes. Sports can help people gain confidence and build social skills, including leadership skills.

To celebrate the day...

  • Get involved with making sure that girls in your town have access to many choices in sports.
  • Play sports!
  • Watch women's sports on TV.
  • Check out some links:

Here is a brief history lesson on American women whose athletic feats helped make women's sports more popular and accessible. 

Here is Mia Hamm's organization, which seeks to develop more opportunities for young women in sports. 

Girls and women still struggle for equal EVERYTHING in sports – equal pay for professional athletes, equal respect, equal time, and so forth. Check out the bajillions of cool videos on #LikeAGirl.  I like this one: Stronger Together.

Here, here, and here, learn about girls taking the sports world by storm. 

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