February 25 – Anniversary of the Creation of Choiseul Province

Posted on February 25, 2016

This little dot of land is not
large enough to be called
an island - it's just an islet.
There is an island in the Pacific called Choiseul, after a French Minister of foreign affairs.

It used to be called San Marcos, after a Catholic saint.

It is also called Lauru. Which is the name that the people who lived there in the past, and also the people that live there now, call it!

Choiseul Island is just one of the three major islands in the province called Choiseul. I assumed that Choiseul would be the largest of the province's islands, and also the capital of the province; I was only half right: 

Choiseul Island is the largest island in Choiseul Province (hence the name), but a teeny island called Taro Island serves as the capital of the province.

And I hope you are asking yourself, “Province of what country?”

The answer is Soloman Islands, an island nation that includes eight other provinces as well. 

Last year, I posted about Guadalcanal Province

The Soloman Islands are known for beautiful beaches, energetic dances, and a minority of people with blond or reddish hair and dark skin.

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