February 11 – National Shut-In Visitation Day

Posted on February 11, 2016

Back in 1900, only 4% of Americans were age 65 or older. A century later, in 2000, three times that many (12%) of Americans were age 65 or older. Now it's up to 14%.

That means that about one in every seven Americans are senior citizens.

Some elderly people are “shut-ins” – people who can no longer drive, who have difficulty walking or getting around, who basically stay in their homes. Some disabled people, too, are largely homebound. 

Whatever the reason, shut-ins can be lonely or depressed, and many of them have difficulty getting groceries, cooking, and so forth.

It's a grand idea to have a day to encourage people to identify people who are shut-ins within their own community. Once identified, it would be super grand if people would visit and perhaps bring a meal to each shut-in.

Hopefully the visits would not be just a once-a-year thing; once you find a shut-in who needs help, it would be amazing to offer that help once or twice a month. And shut-ins often treasure simple visits as much or more than help with meals.

Meals on Wheels is one way to donate money and time to shut-ins. 

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