June 30 – Anniversary of a Very Sweet Art Show

Posted on June 30, 2015

There is an Australian artist who doesn't paint with oils or watercolors. She doesn't paint with acrylics or pastels. She doesn't paint with paint!

Instead, she “paints” with candy and candy-colored sugar!

Tanya Schultz, under the name Pip and Pop, sometimes alone and sometimes with other artists, creates pictures or 3-D “sculptures” using candies. Her art is colorful and fantastical and fun. It's like wish-fulfillment meets magic meets sweet-tooth paradise!

Today is the anniversary of the 2014 start of her art installation in a museum in Amsterdam. A week later, the artwork was complete; this is called the “sugar finissage.” It was followed by a “ruination ritual.”

How fun would THAT be??!!?

Apparently, during Schultz's ruination rituals, the audience ritually takes the landscape she built apart and “cleanses” the museum of the sugar; some people make their own sugary mini-artworks in jars, drink sweet drinks, and eat cotton-candy.

I would just LOVE to see one of her pieces!

This piece was made with artist Nicole Andrejivic.

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