June 20 – World Juggling Day

Posted on June 20, 2015

I guess it makes sense that there is such an organization as the International Jugglers' Association, and that they would have a special day to promote juggling and to support jugglers. 

But does THIS PHOTO make sense?

Actually, the photo was called the “big toss up,” a time when many different jugglers tossed up their juggling clubs, balls, or rings into the air at the same time.

I see a few clubs and balls that have already fallen to the ground by the time the photographer took the shot. It's hard to do things at exactly the same time!

Jugglers keep multiple objects in the air at the same time with skilled tossing. There are a lot of different sorts of juggling tricks – and jugglers delight in using a variety of objects such as balls, clubs, swords, plates, rings, flaming sticks, and even fruits!

The best jugglers can keep ten balls in the air at a time!

Juggling has a really long history, and was especially popular during medieval times in Europe and as a part of circus performances in the U.S.

  • Give juggling a try!

Here is a helpful video about how to juggle.

  • Or watch some videos of some expert jugglers.

Here are some multiple-person juggling tricks.

Here is a little kid with some big juggling skills. 

Here is an unusual style of juggling. 

Here is a TED Talk about the evolution of juggling. 

Here is one of the best bartender jugglers of all time. 

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