June 11 – National Yarn Bombing Day

Posted on June 11, 2015

Yarn bombing? Guerrilla knitting?

Since when did knitting get associated with warfare?

Oh...I see that yarn bombing and guerrilla knitting are also called graffiti knitting, or kniffiti, and yarn storming. So...

...What does it all mean?

Yarn installations are public art pieces that are non-permanent (although some last for years). Unlike some forms of graffiti, they are easily removed if necessary. Some guerrilla knitters do so legally, getting permission to install their pieces, but some do it secretly and technically illegally. (Apparently, most communities are not interested in prosecuting warriors armed with knitting needles.)

Here are some great examples:

Buildings and bridges:

A parking meter...

...and a car to go with it.

Bike racks...

...and bikes to go with them.

Other forms of transportation:

City sights...
...such as benches (above)
and phone booths (below)...

...and signs (above)
and statues (below)...
...and even potholes!

And of course, my favorite, trees!

The "flowers" are made of yarn! 

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