January 31 – Street Children's Day

Posted on January 31, 2015

This special day comes from the Austrian charitable organization Jugend Eine Welt – but Austrians would love it to become a worldwide holiday. The idea is to work toward emergency relief, food, shelter, clothing, and education for “street children” and other homeless children. Another idea behind the day is to enable young people to become volunteers who can help other youths.

All over the world, there are kids and teens under age 18 who don't have a home. The “street” has become their home. And of course, by street I mean abandoned buildings, vacant lots, freeway underpasses—anywhere in the city that they can find temporary shelter.

Some street children are called “thrownaway children,” children who have one or more parents or guardians but who have been forced out of their homes or have run away from home, often to escape abuse.

  • If you ever travel in places where you see street children begging for money, here is an article with some ideas of how to help the kids more than just giving them a nickel or a ballpoint pen. 

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