January 10 – Happy Birthday, Abraham-Louis Breguet

Posted on January 10, 2015

I read that our birthday boy, Abraham-Louis Breguet, was one of the greatest horologists of all times.

Swell...but what the heck is an horologist?

It's someone who studies the measurement of time – someone who creates devices that measure time.

In other words, a watchmaker or clockmaker!

Born in Switzerland on this date in 1747, Breguet became famous for his watchmaking skills and knowledge. He and his friend John Arnold were both considered THE leading watchmakers of their day and are still considered some of the best of all time. They created watches and clocks for famous people, noblemen, and even kings and at least one queen of France.

His company, the Breguet company, is now the luxury watch division of the Swiss Swatch group.

Get this: even though his company produced around 17,000 timepieces during Breguet's life, no two pieces are exactly alike! How is that possible? It turns out that Breguet was constantly experimenting and improving his timepieces, and he paid attention to every tiny detail, and these tiny adjustments and details helped set each individual watch or clock apart, as well.

Here are some of Breguet's achievements:
  • the “Marie Antoinette,” now widely held as one of the most important and valuable timepieces ever made.
  • self-winding (automatic winding) mechanisms.
  • the tourbillon, which counters the effects of gravity on clockworks.

  • scientific clocks, one of which was used for almost a century, it was so accurate.
  • the gong for repeater watches.
  • anti-shock devices.
  • a “sympathetic” carriage clock that rewinds and sets time to a detachable pocket watch.

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