November 4: Use Your Common Sense Day

Posted on November 4, 2014

A fellow named Bud Bilanich decided that the occasion of humorist Will Rogers's birthday (see “Also on this date” below) was a great day to celebrate using common sense....because part of Rogers's humor was pointing out that “common sense ain't all that common.”

How can you celebrate such a day? Here are some ideas:

  • Congratulate yourself on the common sense things you already do. Like always wearing your seatbelt. And not smoking.
  • Observe your life as if you were an outsider. Is there something you haven't been doing, that common sense says you SHOULD be doing? Or, is there something you have been doing your shouldn't have been doing? Make one change, if you can.
  • I was looking for a warning sign that speaks 
    to people lacking common sense...
    and boy, did I find it: OF COURSE you 
    shouldn't slap a panda!!!
    As you go about your day, look for warning tags that show you that not everyone uses their common sense. (Here's one: on a certain brand of printer ink, customers are warned not to eat the ink. Um...yeah!)

  • Read Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and learn how this small pamphlet changed history.
  • Did you know that Common Sense Media rates movies, games, TV shows, apps, websites, books, and music? ? The ratings found on this website are supposed to be geared toward what is developmentally age-appropriate, not toward censorship.
  • Find some quotes about common sense that you like. Here are two people saying pretty much the same thing Rogers said:

Here are a few other points about common sense:

And here Einstein and Giambattista Vico warn that common sense doesn't always serve us well, because our assumptions may be based on anecdotal experience and even prejudice.

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