November 6: Men Make Dinner / Nachos Day

Posted on November 6, 2014

Wait just a gosh darn moment!

Why is National Men Make Dinner Day the same day as National Nachos Day?

I'm not sure that slinging some grated cheese onto chips and zapping it in the microwave should necessarily qualify as “making dinner”!

Actually, of course, it's just a coincidence that the people who make food-oriented “holidays” happen to have doubled up on November 6.

Not'cha daddy's nachos!

  • I'm not sure why all of these recipes qualify as “nachos,” but they do look yummy and sound healthy! 

National Men Make Dinner Day is supposed to be for good guys who help with household chores – but who just never learned to cook. A lot of these non-cooking males are actually a bit afraid to try cooking – it looks pretty complicated when you don't even know what a spatula is, let alone an immersion blender!

Here and here are some pretty easy cooking lessons. How to boil water is the first lesson, on one website. (I'm not joking!!) 

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Anniversary of the appearance of a new star (supernova) 

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