November 4, 2012 - National Chicken Lady Day

Dr. M. Tina Dupree has said, “Any business works, if you work it.”

She has been hired to speak to, motivate, and train people in all sorts of businesses. She has trained and certified more than 150 public speakers and has inspired countless people to achieve their goals.

But...why, you ask, is the day that honors her called “National Chicken Lady Day?”

Dr. Dupree worked for more than a decade in one of the highest level positions for a major fast food chicken restaurant chain. She also worked extensively in communities, giving presentations to high schools and universities and other organizations. Because of her community involvement and her association with the chicken restaurant, she has been (lovingly) nicknamed “the Chicken Lady.” And when (in 2001) President Bush met her in the Oval Office, to congratulate her on her great work for education and public speaking, he announced November 4 as National Chicken Lady Day.

You, too, can learn public speaking skills. Try the website Public Speaking for Kids.  There are also a whole lot of “Public Speaking Tip for Kids” videos. Here's one to try. 

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