October 23 – Anniversary of the Peace Agreement on Cambodia

Posted on October 23, 2013

Cambodia had a horrible, terrible dictator for a while—a fellow named Pol Pot, whose name is sometimes coupled with Hitler and Stalin—and too many years of war and civil war. There were two international conferences in Paris in an effort to bring peace to the region. Finally, on this date in 1991 a peace agreement was signed, and a United Nations peacekeeping mission was launched to maintain the ceasefire.

Whew! I just hate it when people use all their smarts and creativity to kill one another, instead of to make discoveries and to build cool technologies and to create art.

Speaking of art...

Cambodia has an amazing history of art and architecture, music and dancing. Check out these highlights:

  • I love these rattan sculptures! Take a tour of the Sopheap Pich exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (click each exhibition image and watch the video).... 
  • Here is a video of some traditional Cambodian dancing. Beautiful...but slow! 
  • And of course many dancers in Cambodia do the same sorts of dancing people enjoy doing all over the world. Like these young men.

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